Our Approach

Boatleash is a wireless monitoring system that provides security and status of your boat anywhere in the world. The Leash provides notification and protection from illegal entry, fire, flooding and loss of power.

By using the Geomouring feature, the Leash can provide GPS coordinates of your boat in case it becomes untied or illegally moved. Don’t be fooled. This is the only product on the market with this revolutionary feature.

Boatleash has a monthly service charge of $44.95 in order for you to receive messages and calls about your unit. This is similar to a cell phone charge. A customer service agreement must be signed within 30 days of receiving the unit in order to keep the service. Boatleash wants to ensure that you will receive a working unit in the long run resolving any problems that may occur. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.