Our fully customized system consists of a two way telemetry radio coupled with a totally wireless monitoring solution. Connect the equipment to a 12-volt power supply, peel off the backing tape on the sensors, place them in the designated areas, and you are up and running. Alerts are sent to three phone number contacts. You can log on to the Internet to view the event history. You may also log on to your secure account to receive a status or Global Positioning System coordinates at any time. If you have an unexpected visitor and you are not around your yacht you may also log on to arm/disarm your Boatleash security system.

Boatleash includes the main unit, a Inmarsat D+ Satellite Network antenna, and the parts below.

The ESL supervised smoke alarms are self-diagnostic Learn Mode wireless sensors with 319.5MHz transmitters that use photoelectric technology with a self-contained sounder, a low battery annunciator, status LED, and integrated fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat sensor. Each unit has a base tamper switch, is part of a residential security/fire alarm system, and communicates with the system control panel.

The Loss of Power sensor detects a loss of power passing through it. It is best used in applications where a disconnection of external power to your marine, rv, or contractor application will cause power to be shut off to the outlet this sensor is plugged into.

The High Water sensor spares you the headaches of water leaks that go undetected for hours and even days. The unit will call you when the environmental alarm detects water.

The Keychain Touchpad is an alkaline battery-powered, wireless touchpad designed to fit on a keychain, in a pocket or purse. It provides owners a convinient option for arming/disarming the system locally.